The Project

Strategy worked closely with the new Head of Customer Experience for our credit card business. We helped her formulate a vision for improving our interactions with millions of customers. We then helped her garner support for that vision from across the business.

Strategy's Role



Our team first went to work researching exemplary customer experiences within and outside the financial services industry. We analyzed how companies — from Disney to Google — deliver memorable experiences, and how technological trends like on-demand services have changed customer expectations (think: fast, personalized, fun).


Internal Data and Insights

We also looked at our internal data to analyze customer engagement and satisfaction across a range of moments, arriving at a number of important insights — for instance, the less time it takes for someone to receive their credit card the more likely they are to use it. To complement the data, we sat down with a group of our customers to understand what users think and feel at different moments in their interactions with us.


Experience Design Team

After the initial research phase, we packed our bags to meet up with our Experience Design Team in San Francisco. Over the course of three days, we worked alongside our clients and designers to map our customers’ experiences and identify what we wanted to change.


Experience Principles

We ended the project with a central set of principles we wanted our customer experience to represent. In the months following the project, our recommendations were communicated across the organization and used to create new teams focused on delivering better experiences for our customers.
Justin Crist Lee

This project required me to stretch and grow at every turn. Over the course of the project, I researched a competitive landscape, analyzed customer data, conducted empathy interviews, led a design thinking session, and presented our work to leaders in the business. In the end, I saw my work translated into tangible changes that are integral to furthering Capital One as a customer-first company.