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Louise Eisenach

Manager | McLean | Harvard

Louise is a Manager in the Strategy Group based in the McLean office. Since joining the group in 2016, she has conducted analyses for the company’s Upmarket and Mainstreet credit card businesses, worked on the annual update of Capital One’s Strategic Plan, and helped the Risk and Back Office teams develop a strategy for how to leverage technology to transform the business. Louise rotated with the Capital One Brand Team for 3 months, where she worked with the team to develop a marketing plan for Capital One’s personal financial assistant, Eno. Most recently, she has supported the Digital Marketing Team in developing a strategic understanding of the different marketing channels. Louise is also the school manager for Harvard recruiting.

Louise graduated from Harvard in 2016 with a BA in Chemistry and a Secondary in Economics. While there, she conducted research on large-scale energy storage for renewable energy and held leadership roles in the First-Year Outdoor Program, the women’s club basketball team, and Harvard Radio Broadcasting.

Louise enjoys all things outdoors, exploring new restaurants, and traveling. She lives in DC and is an avid runner.

Louise Eisenach