Capital One Strategy Consulting
Capital One Strategy Consulting

If you are a current undergraduate student, visit your school page to connect.

If you have already graduated and are interested in working in the Strategy Group, please send your resume and statement of interest to

Applying to the Strategy Group

Our application process consists of three parts:

  1. Resume submission
  2. First round interviews
  3. Final round interviews

Resumes must be submitted through the Capital One jobs website and your school's careers site. Our interviews focus on rigorous problem-solving and include cases. To familiarize yourself with the case interview process, we've included a practice case and some additional information below. Contact with any questions on the application process.

We are looking for smart, analytical, and entrepreneurial candidates irrespective of major or experience. We believe fresh perspectives and diverse backgrounds can identify opportunities others overlook.

More on Case Interviews

Case interviews are conversations that simulate the types of business problems our associates encounter every day.

How do you prepare for a case interview?

Practice is the best way to prepare. Our practice case below is a great place to start, but seeking out other cases, working through cases with friends, and attending workshops will all help!